Representing the Homes in Shipley's Grant

Your Community Realtor

Red Barn Realty is your neighborhood real estate brokerage headquartered at the entrance to Shipley’s Grant.  If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in Shipley’s Grant, we are the local the expert.  We’ve taken the approach that being bigger isn’t always being the best.  That’s why we were founded to market our services to the owners in Shipley’s Grant, after all we know this community better than anyone.

If you are planning to sell, we are happy to give you a complete detailed market analysis comparing your home to other homes in Shipley’s Grant and beyond.  We can help you sell your home quickly and for the highest market price possible.   We can also find you your new home anywhere in the mid-Atlantic.  We are a full service real estate brokerage

Why Red Barn Realty?

If you travel through Ellicott City, Maryland along Rt. 108 (Waterloo Road) you’ve no doubt seen our big red barn. There it sits on the last seven acres of undeveloped land, the oldest bank barn in eastern Howard County.  It sits on what was in 1687 a 500-acre land grant to Adam Shipley, back when this part of Maryland was Anne Arundel County.

Our barn was constructed 1877 and though some may see just a humble barn, we see a work of art -  beautiful and majestic. Over the years this barn, with its stone stall walls and two-story wood siding has stood through much change.  Ellicott City has gone from an agrarian community to the sleepy town next to the ever expanding master planned community of Columbia and finally to one of the most sought after communities in all of Maryland.

Today our barn and the working farm it sits on is the center of Shipley’s Grant.

Since the very beginning, we have been a part of Shipley’s Grant so it seems Red Barn Realty is a fitting name for our brokerage.  Stephen Ferrandi, our Broker-of-Record with Red Barn Realty began discussing the development of the Curtis Farm – then 86-acres – way back in 1997.   He represented the Curtis family when the farm was placed under contract to Bozzuto Homes in 2002 and worked closely with both the Curtis Family and Bozzuto Homes to create the exceptional community that we all know and love as Shipley’s Grant.  He even purchased the second home built in the community on Talbot Drive where he lived for many years.

Today, Red Barn Realty is very proud to call the Shipley-Curtis Farm our home. We are proud to be the center of the community.  When you look at that big beautiful red barn, we hope that you will remember that only one real estate brokerage in Maryland has been at the heart of Shipley’s Grant since the very beginning.

Like you, we call Shipley’s Grant our home too.