A community is much more than a collection of homes.  It’s a living breathing place.  A vibrant neighborhood where people live, work and shop.  Where friendships are born.  Where children play and families grow.

The art of community is what you’ll find at Shipley’s Grant.  Here, you will find everything that makes village living so enjoyable.   At Shipley’s Grant, you’ll discover environmentally sensitive design and pedestrian-friendly streets.  It’s all about leaving the car in the garage, and meeting your neighbors out and about on tree-lined sidewalks.  Tot lots and biking trails and open spaces for outdoor exercising or a quiet spot to relax by flowing water all come together at Shipley’s Grant.

Shipley’s Grant is all about heritage and history.  The centuries-old farmstead with a family cemetery that dates back to the rural beginning of Howard County.  A special place carved out of today and carefully preserved for tomorrow.

Four villages make up Shipley’s Grant – Chapel Village, located behind the Shoppes at Shipley’s Grant, so named because originally there was to be built a small chapel on one acre of land, but when the small congregation realized that they couldn’t afford to build, the land was sold to Bozzuto for townhomes. Hillside Village, those homes built on the other side of the Charles Crossing bridge are in this community.  Manor Village are those homes near the Community center and swimming pool and Farmhouse Village are those homes located on Logan’s Way near the historic Shipley-Curtis farmstead.

Excepted from The Art of the Village, the original marketing materials for Shipley’s Grant published in 2007.